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Ski Jackets

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About Ski Jackets at evo:

Dressing for skiing is an artful combination of layers and gear designed to keep you warm and stoked on the mountain, and your ski jacket is an integral part of it all. But with all the numbers and fabrics on the market, it can take time to decipher what will work best for you.

Ski jacket insulation — or a lack thereof — is a major part of the winter recreation puzzle. Skiers in frigid climates may want the warmth of an insulated ski jacket with a higher fill weight (the higher the number, the warmer the coat). In contrast, a shell ski jacket offers more versatility and will be easier to carry in the backcountry but will not provide much warmth.

A ski jacket’s waterproof-breathable membrane is another element that can make or break your experience. Midwestern skiers don’t have to worry as much about heavy snow days or rain, but skiers in more temperate climes (especially those in wetter snowpacks like the PNW) will want a jacket with higher waterproof-breathability ratings to block out moisture and keep it from developing inside.

There are a lot of membranes to choose from, so use the jacket’s rating numbers to guide you. Waterproof-breathable ratings for ski jackets typically start at 5K (or 5,000mm) and go up from there, so look for a higher number if the climate where you plan to ski calls for it.

You’ll also want to consider what type of skiing you’ll primarily be doing when choosing a ski jacket. For example, a new resort skier won’t need an ultra-lightweight, harness-compatible 3-layer shell. On the contrary, a backcountry alpinist won’t want to carry a heavy or bulky insulated jacket. Beyond that, the fit (i.e. slim, regular, or loose) and features (i.e. pockets, powder skirt, hood, etc.) of ski jackets are primarily a matter of personal preference.

If you need more help deliberating, visit our comprehensive guide on How to Choose a Ski Jacket. If you have questions about waterproof-breathability, check out our guide to fabric waterproof ratings. evo has the best ski jackets from the top brands, so shop around and don’t hesitate to ask for help. We have a dedicated team on-call for that exact reason!

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