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About Bikes at evo:

To put it simply, we loves bikes. We love every bike, from kids push bikes to our top of the line mountain bikes. We are that friend you have that commutes to work every day through rain, snow, and wind, showing up to work with a smile. Why do we love bikes so much? The short answer is because bikes are fun. 

As people grow older they can forget the freedom and joy that bicycles can bring, dismissing them as kids toys. That’s why we want to share our love of bikes to everyone including those adults that may have forgotten that they are just big kids after all. 

Gravel bikes opens up a whole new realm of exploration by combining the speed of road cycling with the adventurous spirit of off-road riding. With their ability to cover a variety of terrains from trails to fire roads, gravel bikes offer riders the freedom to embark on unique journeys, discover hidden landscapes, and embrace the thrill of venturing off the beaten path.

Ready to turn it up a notch?  Electric mountain bikes offer an exhilarating blend of raw power and off-road adventure, effortlessly propelling riders up long, tiring inclines and extending their range to explore previously inaccessible trails. 

We back evo’s bicycle inventory with a knowledgeable and dedicated customer care team that can answer all of your questions, and a library of online bike guides so you can learn more for yourself. Additionally, our store locations give us boots on the ground to get you set up with a new bike and/or service your existing rig. Happy riding!
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